3 Super Simple Ways to Start Practicing Eco-Friendly Camping

April 22nd is Earth Day! Whether it’s a walk through the woods, picking up litter, using more Earth-friendly products, or initiating eco-friendly camping routines with the family, the important thing is to get outside to enjoy and appreciate our beautiful planet!

When you book your stay at Colorado Springs KOA during the weekend of Earth Day, you and the family can start incorporating some eco-friendly camping practices during our Earth Appreciation Weekend! Join us April 22nd thru 24th as we explore nature and celebrate this special day. There will be plenty of earth-friendly crafts, treats, and activities for everyone to enjoy!

If you want to take the first steps and go green on your next camping trip, here are 3 super simple ways to get the whole family excited about eco-friendly camping.

Eco-friendly Camping
Super Simple Steps Towards Eco-Friendly Camping
#1 Opt for Reusable Cookware and Tableware

Cooking your food in aluminum foil over the campfire is so easy, as is using disposable items like paper/styrofoam plates and plastic utensils around the picnic table. But from an environmental perspective, these items are not so easy on our planet. The foil is not reusable, and neither is the tableware.

Next time around, bring along your cast iron or metal pans from home and your reusable metal or plastic camping plates. If you don’t want to use your dishes from home, opt for a decent used set at your local thrift store as opposed to buying brand new. Eliminate the need for single-use alternatives and reuse camping supplies. It’s a win, win situation!

#2 Practice Campfire Safety

From Deluxe Tent Sites to beautiful Creek Front RV sites and Camping to Deluxe Cabins, Colorado Springs KOA offers a variety of ways to camp while you and the family enjoy all of the on-site and nearby activities. Whether it’s in the wee hours of the morning or after dark, you and the family can gather or cook around your own campfire at your site.

Practicing and teaching the kiddos campfire safety is a huge step towards eco-friendly camping. Some easy to follow guidelines around the fire ring include:

  • Only use the receptacle/self-contained firepit provided.
  • Do not burn anything but firewood.
  • Keep the fire a manageable size
  • Don’t leave campfires unattended.
  • Completely extinguish the fire, ensuring all flames are out when you are ready to leave the site.
  • And if your fire is running low, firewood is available for purchase at our camp store.
#3 Clean up your site before you leave.

A rule of thumb when it comes to camping: Leave it better than you found it.

Before checking out, make sure all trash has been collected around your campsite. Pick up any little bits of food and trash and throw them away in the dumpsters provided. Refrain from throwing trash in the self-contained fire pit. Instead, treat your camping spot like it’s your home and leave it looking even better for the next campers that get to also enjoy it.

You and the Family Have Taken The First Steps…Now What?

You are well on your way to mastering eco-friendly camping and passing along these responsible practices to your kids! The more proactive measures you take during each camping venture at places like Colorado Springs KOA, the more times we can continue enjoying outstanding, beautiful locations for generations!

Go Green On Your Next Family Camping Getaway!