4 Tips For Camping With Kids

Plan Your Family Adventures at Colorado Springs KOA Holiday With Ease

Camping is an excellent activity for families. It offers an opportunity to spend more quality time together, enjoy the great outdoors, and help kids foster a lifelong love for being in nature.

For parents just getting started, the idea of camping with kids may seem quite overwhelming, but staying at camp-resorts like Colorado Springs KOA Holiday is a smart first step. With pretty much every extra amenity you can imagine, it is an ideal way to ease the kiddos into camping in nature. The following are some tips for getting started and making camping with kids a good experience for everyone.

Camping with Kids
Tips for Camping with Kids

Tip 1: Involve the kids in the planning process. Plan out your trip to Colorado Springs KOA Holiday with the entire family. Peruse our many amenities and theme weekend activities and ask the kids what they hope to do during their stay.

Tip 2: Decide how you will be camping. Are you staying in a cabin, RV, or tent this time around? Look at a map of the campground to decide the best area of the park to stay. Are you close to bathrooms, the kids’ favorite activities like the playground, or would you rather be further from the crowds?

Tip 3: If you plan to go camping with the kids in a tent, conduct a test run at home. Practice setting up the tent with the kids in the backyard or living room and sleep in it overnight.

Tip 4: Have plenty of easy camping snacks readily available. With days full of non-stop fun and games, your kids are sure to work up an appetite. Avoid hangry moments between mealtimes by having food items like grapes, bananas, cheese sticks, crackers, sliced cucumbers, raisins, and baby carrots ready to go. Plus, for your convenience, Colorado Springs KOA Holiday has a cafe open seasonally! Let us take care of lunch or dinner for a change!

Make Unforgettable Memories Camping with the Kids

It’s moments like camping with kids that make parenting pretty special and extra adventurous! Whether you camp with us in the winter or in the middle of summer, you and the kids will have tons of fun and excitement to fill each day at Colorado Springs KOA Holiday! And most importantly, you’ll have memories to treasure for a lifetime!

Camping Was Meant To Be Enjoyed As A Family!