Campsite Guidelines

These guidelines are items which pertain specifically for our guests renting RV/Tent Campsites.

Please also review our General Campground Guidelines.

Check-In / Check-Out:

Check-In time is 12:00pm (MST) and Check-Out time is 11:00am (MST). If you intend on arriving before 12 noon (MST), please notify our office and we will make every effort to have your campsite available. However, we can’t guarantee its availability until 11:30am (MST).


One night’s rental is due at the time the reservation is booked. Credit Cards are charged for the deposit at the time reservation is booked

Deposit – Holidays:

The entire reservation amount must be paid in full when reservation is booked and require a 3-night minimum stay.


Reservations for the weekend require a minimum of 2 nights.

Site Requests:

Guest are NOT able to reserve a specific site at the time of reservation. Sites are assigned upon check-in.

Cancellations – Campsites:

We will return your deposit minus a $10.00 service charge if you cancel FORTY-EIGHT (48) or more hours prior to your arrival date. If you cancel FORTY-SEVEN (47) hours or less of your arrival date your full deposit is forfeited

Cancellations – Holidays:

We will return your deposit minus a $10.00 service charge if you cancel FORTY-EIGHT (48) or more hours before your arrival date. We do not refund holiday deposits on cancellations FORTY-SEVEN (47) hours or less of your arrival date. Please make sure to schedule your holiday reservations carefully.

Cancellations – NO SHOWS:

Guests failing to contact us to cancel their reservation (with the required time, listed above) will be considered a ‘NO SHOW’. ‘NO SHOWS’ are subject to the same cancellation policies.

Site Occupancy:

Only one (1) RV or Tent is allowed per campsite. Tent sites allow for a maximum of six (6) persons per site.

Pet-Friendly Policy:  RV Sites

We welcome your pet to our campground.  All that you need to do is let us know that you are bringing a pet (2 Pet Limi).  There will be no charge for bringing your pet with your RV.  We expect that you will take good care of your pet which includes not leaving your pet unattended outside or erecting any type of fence or pen around your site.  When your pet is taking you for a walk, it must be on a leash – making sure that you clean up after him or her.

Pet Policy:  Tent Camping

We do not allow any pets at all in tents.  If your pet persuades you to sneak him or her into a tent.  You will be asked to leave without any refund.

Aggressive Pets:

Aggressive dogs of any breed are not welcome at Colorado Springs KOA Holiday. If your dog shows behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, please leave it home. If you decide to bring your dog and it exhibits this type of behavior the owner or management of the park will ask you to please find other camping accommodations.

Ground Disposal

Ground Disposal of any drain water (gray or black) is prohibited by State Law. Wastewater from RVs (including sink water) must be disposed of into sewer drains.

Sewer Connections

Sewer Connections are required by State Law and must have a tight seal by a Sewer Donut (or Sewer Ring) or a screw-type connector.

Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we do not give refunds due to whims of Mother Nature.

The Management reserves the right to refuse service, limit the length of stay and the number of persons or vehicles per site and/or evict any person or party without refund. Park staff are not allowed to work on guests’ RVs. Management may also deny a reservation due to the age or condition of an RV, the presence of aggressive breeds of animals and/or other conditions that Management deems to be harmful to the Park. We do not allow conversion vans or buses, along with most rigs older than 10 years.