Easy RV Upgrades To Include As Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine

March has arrived, which means spring is soon to follow! Are you planning to do a bit of spring cleaning on your RV before heading out to Colorado Springs KOA Holiday with the family? For some, part of the cleaning process involves repairs and other RV upgrades. Below is a list of easy improvements you can make to your home-on-wheels that will add a whole lot of convenience and fun to your camping adventures!
RV Upgrades
RV Upgrades
#1 Transform the Front of Your Fridge Into a Chalkboard

Make your RV fridge into a multi-functional unit by adding a coat or two of chalk paint on the freezer and fridge doors. Now you have a nifty board for writing reminder notes, keeping track of needed camping supplies, or listing all the fun activities each family member wants to do at Colorado Springs KOA Holiday.

#2 Replace your RV’s Incandescent and Fluorescent Lights with LEDs

Compared to its counterparts, LED lights:

  • Consume less power (about 75% less than incandescent bulbs, for example).
  • Have a longer lifespan, lasting 50,000+ hours.
  • Run cooler, which keeps the RV cooler during those warm summer days.
  • Produce more light from the same amount of wattage.
Add LED lights to your RV’s interior and exterior for maximum efficiency.

#3 Change Your Shower Head

Tired of your old shower head that blasts the water or trickles it out with an uneven flow, making temperature adjustment frustrating? Upgrade your shower time by replacing your factory-installed shower head with a more advanced one like the BodySpa RV – Oxygenics showerhead. This low-flow fixture uses less water so you can enjoy a longer hot shower with good pressure.

#4 Look for Creative Ways to Store Your Stuff

Sometimes it’s hard to find room to store everything you want or need to take on a camping trip. These RV upgrades are just a handful of ways to creatively organize your belongings.

  • Use Command Hooks to hang purses, backpacks, keys, and other items. As an added bonus, this product comes packaged with super-strength adhesive strips that allow you to hang and rehang without damaging your walls.
  • Perch your feet up on an ottoman that doubles as a storage container for toys, reading material, remotes, you name it.
  • Hang a shoe organizer with pockets over your bathroom door to store your tennis shoes and flip-flops. The pockets also make a convenient place to store bug spray, sunscreen, flashlights, and other small outdoor camping supplies.
These simple RV upgrades can make a huge difference with how your home-on-wheels looks and feels, making for a more enjoyable vacation getaway to Colorado Springs KOA Holiday. Of course, you don’t have to have an RV to stay with us. Families also enjoy camping in tents or cozying up in a cabin. However you stay, you and the gang are sure to have loads of fun with our endless amenities and activities, Theme Weekend events, and so much more!

Upgrade Your Vacation Getaway at Colorado Springs KOA!