Garden of the Gods: Tour Paradise in Colorado Springs

Located just 16 miles from Colorado Springs KOA is the registered National Natural Landmark known as Garden of the Gods. This majestic landscape features lofty sandstone rock formations reaching up to 300’ juxtaposed with snowy Pikes Peak in the background all draped in radiant blue skies. Amongst the amazing views sits a now world-class museum, housing exhibits on the geology of the area, local flora and fauna, and the Park’s cultural history.

Other activities include hiking, biking, jeep and segue tours, rock climbing, junior ranger programs, and a full calendar of events and activities. See how the red rocks got there and travel through a billion years of history in just 15 minutes at the new Geo-Trakker theater, playing shows every 20 minutes. You can also purchase souvenirs at the gift shop and grab a bite to eat at the Bean Sprouts Café.
Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs
How Garden of the Gods Became a Park
In 1859, two surveyors set out from Denver City to plot the newly designated Colorado City. They came upon a patch of land that looked to one of the surveyors to be a “capital place for a beer garden.” His colleague replied, “”Beer Garden! Why it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods.” And the name stuck.

Colorado Springs was eventually founded in 1871. The section known as Garden of the Gods was purchased in 1879 as a summer home for the head of the Burlington Railroad, Charles Elliott Perkins. Never wanting to spoil the land, Perkins kept it free of any development and always welcomed the public to enjoy the beautiful scenery. After Perkins’ death in 1907, his children donated the land to the City of Colorado Springs where it remains free and open to the public.
Important Visitor Information
Between November and April, Garden of the Gods is open from 5:00am – 9:00pm and the visitor center is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Admission is free to the park and visitor center while the Geo-trekker theater does require a ticket purchase. Pets are welcome in the park but must be always kept on a leash. If you plan to go rock climbing or bouldering, you must obtain a permit. Horseback riding is permitted on designated trails. And drones are not permitted anywhere in the park.
Paradise in Colorado Springs
As one of Colorado’s most photographed views, Garden of the Gods is a great place to stop when you’re visiting Colorado Springs. Plan your trip now and book your stay with us at Colorado Springs KOA, where you can enjoy the best of nature combined with all the comforts of home.