Hiking Tips from Our Resident Hiking Expert

So many breath-taking sights! Where should a newcomer to Colorado Springs KOA begin?

According to Marley Lisenbe, our energetic assistant general manager and hiking expert, her favorite trails are in the Garden of the Gods and nearby Stratton Open Space.

Stratton Open Space

You’ll find Stratton Open Space right here in Colorado Springs at 1504 Ridgeway Avenue. That’s right – an incredible 318 acre park in the middle of town for hiking, biking, wildlife, and dogs. The original trails were made by horses as they wandered around the property.

Hiking Tips | Stratton Open Space | Garden of the Gods

Today’s trails have been engineered to traverse pine forest, scrub oak brush land, high meadow grassland, cattail marshes and low-lying creek beds. The eight miles of trails offer something for every sort of hiker – from difficult to easy. Even if you are camping with small children, you’ll enjoy ambling along the one-mile long Wildflower Path and Upper Meadows Loop with your little one in a backpack or a stroller.

And, best of all, all the trails are dog-friendly. In fact, there is even a reservoir that is especially dedicated to doggies. Yes, the ‘Doggie Beach’ is swimming for dogs only. So, please pick up after your pooch – the reservoir also provides drinking water for Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods

Majestic. Timeless. No language contains words that can adequately describe the view of these ancient rock formations or the feelings they inspire. Bring your camera and let the many hidden trails of the Garden of the Gods reveal their secrets, including Theiophytalia kerri, a previously unknown dinosaur fossil now on display at the Visitors’ Center.

Marley says that although she has hiked the plains and hills of her native Texas and the mangrove forests of Florida, it was when she first saw the Garden of the Gods she said, “I love life on Earth!”

You’ll love life on Earth too when you reserve your stay at pet-friendly Colorado Springs KOA

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